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Crane and ForkLift Hire

Cranes and forklift are essential equipment in transport and related logistic services in Kenya. Despite boasting of well established moving, warehousing and transport logistics services, offering responsive reaction is the key to our success. Loading and unloading of heavy equipment and cargo necessitated Aeromarine to offer Cranes and forklifts for hire and leasing.

Crane and forklift makes loading and unloading seamless and efficiency has always been the our primary focus. Cranes and forklift has in the past been hectic to get and very expensive to hire or lease.

Due to that and overwhelming delays on loading and off loading our customers cargo. Aeromarine saw cranes and forklift as a critical service and thus have started offering cranes and forklift hire and leasing service within Nairobi and Mombasa.

Crane and Forklift Hire and Leasing

Aeromarine will always invested heavily on cranes and forklifts that make seamless supply chain flow. In cranes and forklifts hire it is our primary goal to exceed customer expectations for service and reliability in everything we do.

Aeromarine Capital cranes and forklifts developed a reputation for providing the highest standards of quality. Cranes and forklifts hire extended from our warehousing and logistics services. Cranes and forklift hire services was purely in the support of our customers.

As a leading transport and Delivery Company Cranes and forklifts has become an essential tool to off load and load our client’s consignment on trailers and Low Loaders at our clients’ premises. Loading cranes and forklift ensures a reliable and punctual transport service.

Aeromarine Transportation Logistics is rapidly becoming the preeminent complete logistics provider, thanks to our policy of responding to every client’s need. Our Cranes and Forklift gives you the excellent performance that our customers have come to expect. Aeromarine Capital Group Kenya Cranes and forklift fleet comprise of up to 40Metric tones forklifts and cranes.

At Aeromarine we offer professionally trained crane and forklift drivers who understand your equipment or cargo requires extra care. Handling your freight from entry point to your premises enables us careful adjust our cranes and forklift schedule. After successful implementation of cranes and forklift hiring service Aeromarine Capital can now boast of expedited freight delivery times.

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